What to Expect

The Sunday Celebration at Unity  at Red Rocks is filled with love, laughter, inspiring messages, and uplifting, heart-opening music.  Come as you are
— foothills casual wear, or active gear—and enjoy the scenic backdrop of Red Rocks Park.


The Power of Prayer

After service, Prayer Chaplains are available for individual prayers. You can also call Silent Unity any time day or night for prayer support at 1-800-NOW-PRAY.

Food & Fellowship

When the weather’s nice, we gather by the waterfall in the company of cottonwoods, apple trees, deer and like-minded people. Coffee, tea and conversation are always on tap.

Kids & More!

We love kids and welcome them into our Sunday service. You are also welcome to bring along well-behaved dogs. They love Red Rocks, too!

Mendhi Audlin
Spiritual Leader

Starting August 1, 2017, Mendhi Audlin began serving as our Spiritual Leader.  Each week, she brings positive, practical spirituality to life with engaging stories, humor, and thought-provoking perspectives to support you in living your best life and fulfilling your spiritual potential.

Mendhi is the founder of the SpiritGroups small group ministry program for New Thought churches and is passionate about  fostering connection and building a community grounded in love and service.

Mark Swaim & The Unity Red Rocks Band

Each week, we enjoy a soulful musical journey mapped by pioneering artists. You never know what you might hear—The Beatles, Richie Havens, John Denver, Tim O’Brien, John Prine, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles... 

Mark, who regularly plays mandolin and guitar, brings together high-caliber musicians from the Denver music scene, including Zach Mace (guitar and vocals), Anthony Aleman (harmonica and vocals), Alex Bowman (upright bass and vocals), Matt Robertson (guitar & vocals) and Josh Weller (flute and vocals). We clap, stand up, stomp our feet and dance to the music of togetherness and encouragement.

Join us Live!

Our Sunday Celebration begins at 9:30 am each week at the Chapel at Red Rocks, 905 Bear Creek Avenue, Morrison, Colorado. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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